Selecting Inventory Preference

3 Types of Inventory Tracking

Most companies fall into three different camps about Tracking Inventory. Trakker supports all three types and fortunately even allows a company to move between these camps if management changes it’s mind over time

1- We don’t care about tracking inventory: Some companies are not particularly concerned about knowing what their exact inventory counts are, or at least not when first starting using Trakker. (Choosing this route will get you going the fastest)

2- We care about tracking SOME Items: Sometimes a company will have a select group of products that they care about keeping exact inventory counts of while others they don’t care about. (Choosing this route will take more effort to set up the initial inventory than type 1)

3- Keeping Exact Inventory Counts is VERY IMPORTANT: Some company management wants to know exactly what their inventory is at all times. (This will take the most work to set up, but it will give the most details ongoing).


  • Whichever one you choose, you can change later.
  • The restock reports will also work for all products regardless of which Inventory Type is used.