Preparing Data for Trakker

3 ways to load data

There are four ways to load products into Trakker. It can be connected via Quickbooks, imported from an Excel spreadsheet, manually entered, or via a custom communications importer.

One of the first things to decide is how you will be bringing your customers and products into Trakker. It’s a great time to go through you existing files and cleaning it up as much as you can, such as removing discontinued items and removing old customers etc…

1- Quickbooks: If you already use Quickbooks as your accounting system, then linking Trakker to Quickbooks is one of the easiest approaches

2- Import from Excel: If your data already resides in excel or perhaps in another system that can be exported into an excel file, or a .csv file, that can be opened in Excel and saved as an Excel file.

3- Manually Entering data into Trakker: This can be the most time consuming, but when other choices are not available, this is what is needed.

4- Custom import tool: We will need to discus with you what accounting package you have and work with you to design an ongoing communication method.

This is important prep work to work out as you begin to work with Trakker.